Original Music for Film

2016               • Don't You See (short) by Loui Terrier
                        • The Frog in the Pond (doc) by Terri Hanlon
                         • The Archipelago / Galerie Rummelsburg by Thomas Halaczinsky
2015                • Mercedes Benz  (commercial) by Thomas Halaczinsky
                         • The Archipelago (short) by Thomas Halaczinsky
2014                • The Archipelago (short) by Thomas Halaczinsky
2013                • Winter (parts) by Amie Siegel
2012                • California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown  (doc, 1 song) by Sascha Rice           
                         • California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown (Trailer, part) by Sascha Rice 
                         • A Thought is described (short experimental) by Drew Pisarra and Molly Gross
2011                • A good Friday - (short)  directed by Loui Terrier
                         • The Essex House (commercial) by Julia Mintz 
2009                • Turning Darkness Into Light: The Making of 'Hounddog'  (doc) by Jon McCalum
2008                • Hounddog (feature) by Deborah Kampmeier  
2003                • High-life (feature) by Lila Yomtoob
Music- and 
Sound-eding and Mix 
for Film

Stacie Passon: We have always lived in a castle (ME)
Loui A. Terrier: Don't You See (CS, Music parts)
Terri Hanlon: The Frog on The Pond (CS and Music parts)
Elise Kermani: Book of Changes (CS and Vocal)
Rojo Robles: Sound of Ill Days (CS)
Lisa Johnson: Elvis and Nixon (ME)
Irene Sosa: Vertical Slum (CS)
Michael Lucas: Hiroshima Bound (CS)
Amie Siegel: Quarry; Double Negative; Winter; Providence; Black Moon (CS;Mix, Composer)               Martin Scorsese: Hugo (MA)                                
Sascha Rice: Pat Brown, California State of Mind (Trailer) (ME/ Composer)
D. Algrant: Greetings from Tim Buckley (ME)    
Chisa Hideki: Together (CS)                          
Loui Terrier: A Good Friday (CS/ Composer)
Sophie Barthes: Cold Souls (ME)                                    
Debra Kampmeier: Hounddog (ME/ Composer)
Tom Dey: Failure to Launch (ME)           
Abigail Child: Future; Cake and Steak; B/Side (CS)                                   
Rob Marshall: Chicago (MA)
Lila Yomtoob: High Life (Composer)
Robert Duvall: Assassination Tango (SA)
Glenn Gordon Caron: (TV) Fling (SA)
Ed Burns: Ash Wednesday (SA)
Bertha Bay-Sa Pan: Sluggers (CS)
Woody Allen: Small Time Crook (SA)
Carlos Diegues: Orfeu (SA)
Marc Christopher: Studio 54 (MA)
Eric Bross: Restaurant (ME)
Lisa Rinzler: In the House (CS)
J. Todt/ Ethan Coen: Naked Man (MA)
John Torturro: Illuminata (MA)
Stanley Tucci: The Impostors (MA)
D.Starr: (TV) Central Park West (SA)